Workshop Resources

Hello everyone! Welcome to your Training Workshop!

I’m so pleased you are attending and look forward to sharing the awesome tools and resources available to you through By the end of the workshop today, you will:

  • Learn the basics of computer science
  • Review best practices for teaching computer science basics to students
  • Access free curriculum and resources for teachers
  • Plan for how you might get started teaching computer science
  • Connect with a community of fellow educators who are making positive change in their classroom through coding

Thursday, July 7th Agenda:
Registration – Log in to your Teacher Account on first.
Then, please visit this URL: to join the workshop.
(If you haven’t created a teacher account on yet, please do so now)
You will see a light green bar across your screen when you have successfully joined the workshop.
Social Media Hashtag:
Tweet about your experience here! Please use #CSforAll and tag @TeachCode and @AllisonKEDU

Introductions, Goals and Group Norms
Ice Breaker – Bingo
Group Introductions
Establishing Group Norms

Workshop Goals:

  • Explain the different course offerings that has for K-5 students
  • Define all computer science concepts in’s K-5 courses
  • Manage your student’s accounts and track their progress with’s Teacher Dashboard
  • Confidently facilitate’s courses in your classroom by taking risks and learning from your students
  • Say to your students, “I don’t know; let’s figure it out together.”

Why Coding?

Computing for Every Child

Introduction to TLOs
 Getting Loopy

Computational Thinking Practices of K-5 Curriculum

  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Persistence
  • Problem-Solving

Pair Programming
Pair Programming Video 
Practice using the Play Lab (from Course 2)
Remember, you need to complete at least 15 puzzles in order to get your certificate and free supplies!

Strategies for Teaching CS (p.10)

  • Ditch Uniformity
  • Frequent Breaks
  • Collaborate
  • Don’t be a know-it-all

Overview of Code Studio Curriculum and Teacher Dashboard

Overview of Courses 1, 2 and 3 Video
Curriculum Overview

Code Studio Dashboard Quick Training Videos:

Course 1 – Suitable for early readers (Try It!)
Course 2 – Suitable for stronger readers (Try It!)
Course 3 – Suitable for course 2 graduates (Try It!)
Course 4 – Suitable for courses 2 and 3 graduates (Try It!)
Hour of Code – Suitable for all ages, but activities included for older students (Try It!)
Remember, you need to complete at least 15 puzzles before you leave today in order to get your certificate and free supplies!

Setting Up Your Teacher Dashboard

  • Deciding on Login Type:
  • Practice Adding Students – You can delete them later
  • Students join using your unique link. For younger students, create a Tackk or shortcut with the link.
  • Older students can create a bookmark on their devices.
    *Students are NOT automatically sorted alphabetically; they are automatically sorted in the order you add them, from oldest at the top to most recent at the bottom.


Lunch 12:00-1:15

TLOs: Planning & Practice (1:15-2:00)

  • Review one lesson from Courses 1-3 through the lens of how it might be taught
  • Practice taking on the role of a “teacher”
  • Plan and deliver a 15 minute lesson from Courses 1-3 as a TEACHER
  • Participate in a lesson from Courses 1-3 as a LEARNER
  • Discuss and evaluate teaching strategies for two lessons from Courses 1-3 as an OBSERVER
  • Work in small groups to share ideas and best practices

Group One: Songwriting
Group Two: Conditionals With Cards
Group Three: The Big Event
Group Four: Graph Paper Programming
Group Five: Computational Thinking

Teach/Learn/Observe (2:00-3:30)
Each group will teach a 20 minute lesson to another group; one group will be the observers.
We will debrief as a large group at 3:20.

Large Group Debrief (3:20-3:30)

Equity (3:30-3:45)

The Giraffe and the Platypus Quiz
Black Girls Code
Two Girls
Inequity in Computer Science Video
Equity Group Google Document
Equity – Resource Document

Integration with Commitment (3:45-3:50)
What are some challenges (and solutions) to implementing in your school?
How can you move CS forward into your school/classroom?
Unplugged Lessons

Support Systems:
Me! (@AllisonKEDU,
Report a Bug

Closing Ceremony (3:50-4:00) Swag Bags
Group Picture

*Make sure you have completed 15 puzzles before you leave. This is the only way to get your certificate and free supplies!!

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