Book Reviews

While this blog is generally focused on my professional experiences – and the occasional dabble into politics – I am craving a space to share what I’m reading. I figured instead of starting another blog, I would create this page within my current site to share reviews of books I’m reading.

As an avid reader, I set reading goals each year through Goodreads and generally reach them. Whenever I finish a book on Goodreads, I give it a star rating and move on to the next book. However, after searching through my list of books I’ve read, I find many books that I gave 5 stars to that I can only remember bits and pieces of. Other books got only 2-3 stars and I would like to document why that was so as well.

So, here you will find occasional posts about books I’ve finished or books I can’t wait to read. Feel free to follow me on Goodreads, too!