About Mrs. K


I am a former classroom teacher. I worked for four years teaching middle school students as both a Social Studies and English teacher, and it was one of the most challenging and amazing things I’ve ever done. I adore working with kids – they never cease to surprise, inspire, amuse, challenge, and amaze me. You can see more about my work experience here

Now, as a technology integration specialist, I am so excited that I get to work both with students and with teachers to collaborate on how to provide high quality, technology rich instruction to students. For the past two years, I supported the Magnet Schools program whose schools were STEM, STEAM, and Spanish-immersion focused schools. Now I am the Technology Integrationist for the entire school district (all 27 schools!), the opportunities to engage kids in increasingly unique ways is huge, and I am so excited to be part of such a great program.

2014-08-28 13.19.11

IMG_4572In addition to my role during the work day, I am also a Code.org Affiliate. This amazing organization trains educators to go back to their states and districts and spread the word about the power of Computer Science in the K-5 classroom. I’m extremely proud to be part of such an innovative, forward-thinking organization.


I also served in 2015-2016 as a Michigan Educator Voice Fellow. America Achieves, the parent organization of MiEdVoice, was established as a way to help elevate the voice of teachers and schools throughout the country. As a fellow, I shared the powerful stories that are happening in Lansing and around the state. There are 100 fellows in Michigan and I was incredibly humbled to serve as a fellow.

Outside of the work day, I enjoy running. I have completed one full marathon and countless half marathons. One of the best experiences running was last spring when I served as a pacer for the Ann Arbor Half Marathon. It was awesome to be able to motivate and encourage people to beat their time or complete their first half marathon. Aside from running, I love being active, reading and watching Tigers games. I am a bit of a baseball fanatic, so spring and summer are my favorite times of year. My husband and I enjoy traveling together and updating our new home. We have two cats – Miguel and Magglio – and a Shi-Tzu named Charlie. To relax on the weekends, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, shopping, and going for walks with the dog.


One of my favorite places to spend time – Comerica Park!


Our wedding day! ❤



Running with Team P has made me a better runner. This is my friend Molly before her first ever half. It was awesome to pace her and watch her run across the finish line.


Matt and me in Jamaica. We love to travel!

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